Jennie's musical interests span Yiddish vaudeville to Jewish prayer in song and jug bands to Mozart.  These days, her work focuses on music inspired by Jewish life, especially in Eastern Europe.  She plays and teaches clarinet, general music, and Jewish studies in the New Orleans area.  When bringing music to groups of all ages, she utilizes folk traditions, movement games and stories.

Jennie's path to music in New Orleans has been a winding one -- one that led her through balancing a graduate degree in biology and work in research with her musical and spiritual life.  In turning her full attention to the latter in New Orleans, opportunities have blossomed as has her gratitude toward the many people and organizations that support her life's work here, most notably Klezervation Hall with David Symons and Shir Chadash, where she serves as the Director of Youth Education and Community Engagement.

Her music can be heard around New Orleans, most frequently as a regular at the Eastern Bloc Party at Siberia with various klezmer, Yiddish, and Balkan bands.  In the wider world, she is an annual guest artist with the band Inner Fire District in Burlington at the Vermont International Festival, and occasionally makes it back to perform in her "other home", Ann Arbor, MI, performing with Klezmephonic, a group there she helped form, and others.

Her current work with David Symons and Klezervation Hall provides a wonderful opportunity for learning, performance and collaboration, and an avenue for airing new compositions in the klezmer idiom.  Keep your ears open for upcoming recordings!


Current musical projects:

Klezervation Hall    

David Symons and Jennie Lavine co-create a musical experience filled with tonal expressivity and harmonic nuance. Their love of Eastern European folk music and klezmer flows into contemporary interpretations of the classics and novel compositions. They have recently been joined by the sensitive rhythms of drummer Benny Amón.


Inner Fire District   

Check out the CD we recorded last April in New Orleans with Boqueria Records!

Inner Fire District was founded in Burlington, Vermont in 2006 by accordionist/singer David Symons and guitarist/accordionist/whistler Tim Lang, and now includes Jennie Lavine on clarinet, John Thompson-Figueroa on upright bass and tuba, and Chris Schroth on drums. IFD performs a genre-eluding compound of Yiddish and Balkan folk, intricate original compositions, old revolutionary songs, and whatever else tickles their fancy. The members of Inner Fire District currently live in Vermont, Louisiana, New York, and Pennsylvania. In April 2018, the band finally recorded a debut album, There Will Be Singing About The Dark Times.


Sages of Khelm

Yiddish folk songs with a bewitched twist performed by Jacob Budenz and friends.



Balkan, klezmer and originals, led by Scott Stobbe.


Listen live!

Previous events


Klezervation Hall

Buffas, New Orleans, LA


Klezervation Hall

Zeitgeist Theatre & Lounge, 6621 St. Claude Ave., Arabi, LA


Sages of Khelm

Siberia, 2227 St. Claude, New Orleans, LA

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Inner Fire District

Check out or new album, "There Will Be Singing About the Dark Times".